from Melodie S

I think it’s fair to say that Widowed Friends saved my life.  My husband died of a particularly aggressive cancer last winter.  The shock and tragedy of it shook all the joy out of me.  I was so very lonely.

What I needed was to be around people.  But I found you can only rely on your married friends for a certain amount of company.  It’s understandable.  I couldn’t expect them to replace the company of a beloved spouse.

Widowed Friends threw me a lifeline when I was drowning.  I could meet with several wonderful people for social events, who had also been widowed and understood the loneliness so very well.  Dinners are the worst time to be alone, I find.  So at least once a week, I plan to meet with my new friends at dinner events planned by Dorothy and Stephanie.  It gives me something happy to look forward to.

Did I use the word happy?  You can see just how valuable this group of friends is.


from Eva C….

Widowed Friends of Halton has helped ease my new journey  into widowed life since we are all of like mind.

There are always events to attend, fun to be had and new people to help ease the pain. It has helped make my life more meaningful.

Thank you all.

from Don D…..

Since joining Widowed Friends of Halton, my loneliness and sadness, as a result of my wife’s death, have decreased. This personal change, is due to the warm interactions, offered to me, from the many widows and widowers I meet, at the socials. Thanks to everyone for your sincere caring.


from Gilmar…..

Losing a loved one is a sad, isolating and painful journey. And no one else gets to feel how you feel nor are able to see the darkness you’re currently in save the people who’ve been through the difficult journey themselves. This is the reason why the Widowed Friends of Halton is a valuable companion in my own journey for meaning, healing, and moving forward. In WFH I feel welcomed and accepted without judgment, and befriended and supported without reservation. In WFH I find people who care, who I can share a meal with, have fun, and find some relief with as we carry on our day to day living. Thank you WFH for filling the ‘potholes’ in our journey through life!! 

from Bob C….

I’m a widower of almost 5 years, during this time I have experimented with many options to get a new life started but in the end have found life lonely without focus or purpose. However about 6 months ago I found the Widowed friends of Halton. This is a social group focused on living and fun with people that get it. Through this group I have met many new people some of whom have become friends. This group has at the helm two lovely ladies who are tirelessly working ( volunteering ) at finding new events for the group to attend. We have 2-3 or more events a week ranging from socials, dining, theater, bowling, dancing and much more. We also have had some people open their house’s for a Potluck social. The imagination of these two gals is endless.  With an age range (guessing) late 40’s to early 80’s  all appear to have lost spouses in the last few years. I now have a social life. So if you feel you’re ready to move forward with living and a little fun in a safe environment you may want come out to one of our events.

from Barb O….

I heard about ‘Widowed Friends’ through my bereavement group .  Although I heard about it in August I didn’t do something about going until a friend said she would be attending a ‘Widowed Friends’ dinner in November. Knowing that I would have at least one person to speak to, l drove there in plenty of time and sat in the parking lot for 20 minutes deciding if I should venture in.  Finally I did, and went  on that evening to meet some wonderful people.  The organizers offer many varied activities to keep us busy. I now have somewhere to go  where there are people who understand  what I am going through.  Having these people to talk to, do things with and to look forward to doing things with has helped me get through some very difficult months.I have met many people with different backgrounds, ages, or lengths of time widowed but there has been a feeling of connection , a common thread of understanding that has helped us reach out to each other as we strive to cope with our losses and/or move forward.I feel less alone belonging to this group as I strive to come to terms with my loss and find my way forward.

from Karen W…..

I have been widowed a year now and in the beginning I felt that I was the only one out there that lost their spouse. I felt lonely and isolated. I had lost my self esteem and confidence. Without my husband I felt insecure. I didn’t feel comfortable going out. My friends still have their husbands and I felt abandoned. Since joining Widowed Friends I have gained my confidence and self esteem back.  I feel comfortable belonging to a group where everyone is  equal and understands that the loss of a spouse is significant.  It is a safe comfortable group to be a part of. The organizers have planned numerous social events and activities. I feel this group has made a positive change in my life for me. I can go out for social outings and feel comfortable and that no one asks are you married. They know already. The group has proven essential for my health and well being. I can be with good friendly people when I need to be.  I feel there is a purpose in life and that I can still enjoy life. I have met so many wonderful, caring people,  who all understand the stress of being on ones own. This kind of group is very much in demand and the word needs to get out there that we are not alone. More of these  groups need to be formed in other cities and countries.

from Bill S…

When you experience a loss there is a lot of activity, decisions and paper work to be done. You have family and friends around you and it does not seem too bad. But as time passes and the dust settles, you realize the others have gone back to their normal lives and you are alone. So you grieve. Eventually you say “Now What”, which means you’re beginning to heal. You want to move on and need to know is there Life after Death?

It was at this point I had the good fortune to find Widowed Friends of Halton and found the courage to attend their gatherings. They made it clear up front, they were not a grief consulting organization but rather a socializing group.   To me they were a support group of members who understood where each other was coming from. Saying your loss was as normal as saying your name, but that was not the centre of our conversations that followed.

It has always been about how we are coping. The good things in our lives and yes the bad as well. Together we have all moved forward and as a group found ways to put a smiles on our faces. What started as a monthly drinks and dinner has expanded in a wide and varied choice of activities. There is something for everyone. You can participate or pass on everything without pressure.

Observing others I believe they have benefited from the group, but I can only speak for myself. I was quiet and withdrawn, but now I am outgoing and friendly. The biggest changes are the ones in my head. The way I think, see myself and my plans for the future have gone from negative to positive.

from Joan K….

Without a doubt, this group is beneficial to me. Being widowed it`s lonely without your spouse with you, especially for me, without children. It`s important that we have a social life and the Widowed Friends of Halton has filled this gap in my life. We have very good and strong leadership in Stephanie and Dorothy who work so energetically and selflessly to organize so many interesting programs for us. Having joined this group less than a year ago, I have made many friends, who are so supportive and friendly. I hope it will continue to grow stronger and larger with many more members joining us.

from Mollie…..

Just a short note to let you know how much I enjoy each and every activity I attend with Widowed Friends of Halton.

Of course, without your guidance we would be less of a group.

In January, my best friend and husband of 53 years died.  I was of course “rudderless,” having looked after John with his health crisis.

When a friend asked me to go to the “widows” I was, at first, skeptical, as to how this would help.  But, help it did!  It was like being among friends right from the start.  This was total acceptance- with everyone being in the same boat and having gone through much the same as I.

Since then I have made some new friends with whom I have coffee or go to dinner or even a movie.  Everyone know just how lonely one feels at the movies or eating out on ones own.  My circle of friends has enlarged and I can count on getting a supportive call every few days.

I am always aware of friendly help is just a call or email away.  Keep up the great work.  I really enjoy all the activities with the group.

from Margaret B….

Being widowed, lonely, then moving to Oakville and only knowing my son and his family, Widowed Friends of Halton has been a godsend to me.

With this group I met lovely new friends and this group opened up for me a wonderful new life with lots of social activities.

Thank you Stephanie & Dorothy.