Sunshine, White Sands, Crystal Clear Water…..Barbados

Starting off early, dark and cold on Wednesday, February 15th, a big group from WFH climbed aboard Air Canada’s daily flight to Barbados, arriving about six hours later to sun, warm breezes and palm trees.

Thanks to Stephanie and Dorothy’s expert planning, the group stayed in 4 lovely condos, overlooking two pools and a beautiful beach. Each condo had a big outdoor balcony with comfy sofas and chairs, inviting many early morning coffee chats and late night talkfests over a glass of wine or two.

The week flew by between beach, pool, island tours, dinners at Barbados’ wonderful dining spots and a few or more rum punches and pina coladas. Here are some pics of the week ( click on any pic to open a slide show).



Change Is As Good As A Rest…..

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.  Maori proverb

We’re all striving to recover from loss and get our feet back under us after our world’s shifted.

There’s no end to the advice on recovery and resilience out there, but here’s a different idea for moving forward – travel. Breaking from routine, trying new things and meeting new people could be a key to finding new paths as we move forward on our recovery journeys.


Here’s a couple of articles Dorothy and Stephanie have found about travel that they thought you might be interested in reading. The first is How Travel Can Heal Your Grief and the second is Thankfully Money Can Buy Happiness.

If you are interested in travelling with our Widowed Friends group, check out our plans for Barbados in February 2017 here.

Bon Voyage!


Baby, It’s Cold Outside….

It’s February. It’s cold. The front walk needs shoveling. It’s winter in Halton. Ugh.

Winter is inevitable, but now you can escape, at least for a week or so to sunny, gorgeous Barbados. Yes, Widowed Friends of Halton is thinking ahead and taking a group to Barbados in February 2017

While the cold and snow blow here, you could be sitting on a beach in Barbados enjoying a rum punch or two and wondering if you should apply another layer of sunscreen.

If you are tempted, talk with Stephanie or Dorothy and they’ll fill you in on the details.  Here’s a little glimpse of what Widowed Friends will experience: