About Us

Our History

In a very short time Widowed Friends grew from an idea to a reality.

Starting with a Sunday cocktail event with just 25 attendees in 2015, our membership rapidly grew to over 225 members, with more joining each month from all over the GTA.

You can read more about us in this article published in Metroland Media’s Inside Halton in April 2019 – here’s the link.

Our Story

The idea for the group began when Stephanie, a recent widow, found herself at loose ends on weekends, a particularly difficult time for people who have lost their spouse.

She wondered if there were others in the widowed/widower community feeling the same way and wondered how to connect people together so we could all benefit from shared understanding, friendships and social support.

From the start, the focus of the group was on developing weekly events, so members always had something to look forward to and new members had an opportunity to interact with the growing community. As a result, the calendar is full of  get togethers for members to enjoy on a weekly basis.

With so much planning and developing to get the group off the ground, it was a great help when Dorothy joined and offered to partner in all the organizing and event creation. The community has great ideas and plans for the future. You can find out about them by reading this website.  We have a private community Facebook group and a members only Meetup where all events are listed. If you’d like to join us, please review the information on our How To Join pages.

Our Vision

Widowed Friends helps support positive changes to the well being of widow and widowers in our communities through inclusion and friendship. We are not a grief support group, but focus on helping members regain their social connections after loss.

Our Core Values:

  • Provide a sense of belonging and connection to all our members.
  • Offer understanding and compassion towards their needs
  • Offer encouragement and support
  • Foster community partnerships
  • Provide responsible and accountable leadership

Executive Committee January 2020

  • Stephanie Etherington
  • Dorothy Towey
  • Lesley Morris
  • Penny Ryan