Oh Canada!

Rain was predicted, but a warm and sunny day came instead and brought a Canada Day with perfect weather for a party at Donna’s.

Almost 60 people gathered in Donna’s backyard for a lovely afternoon enjoying the weather, the company and the great selection of food.

We owe Donna and her family a huge thanks for working so hard to make the day a success.  Sometimes we don’t realize the work that goes into organizing, planning and executing such a big event and we are very grateful for Donna’s continued gracious hospitality and warmth in hosting such a big crowd at her house.

Donna provided guidance (and a little wine) to helpers Joyce, Penny and Lesley in setting up the event and was grateful for the support of Steph and Dorothy and clean-up crew, Les, Phil, Thea, and especially Vishan who frequently and cheerfully helps with after party clean-up.

Another big thanks to Henny for providing a sculpture that she created for an afternoon raffle -the lucky winner was Billy.

Check out the pics from the event – just click on any pic to open the slideshow:

2 Replies to “Oh Canada!”

  1. Potlucks and our hosts and hostesses are one of our most favorite events.
    Popular among the members where everyone, longstanding and new, gather and spread kindness amongst each other….


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