Finding Ms/Mr Right After Loss

After losing a partner it can sometimes feel unimaginable to think about any new relationship. But, everyone responds to loss differently and eventually you may feel like it’s time to get back into dating and finding new friends.  If so, there are lots of options to choose from for re-engaging with the dating world – here’s some tips to get you started: 10 Dating Tips For Widows and Widowers

If you are ready to think about the world of online dating, this short video provides a logical, strategic approach to help filter and discover people you might be interested in meeting via online sites.  Take a look and let us know what your experience has been.  Have you tried online dating and what were the results?  Share your advice and recommendations in the comments section below.

One Reply to “Finding Ms/Mr Right After Loss”

  1. I have a new life with Andre.We had the courage to have a new life together.Is so beautiful to have good moments,to have a life again.To have love and to cherish moments ,to have a big family.Have courage!All the best my friends.


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