Tired of February? Try Hygge!

Yes, Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). It’s a Danish concept that encourages an approach to winter that focuses on coziness, warmth and gratitude during cold winter months. It’s a way of being with the season, enjoying the opportunity to take comfort in good food, good wine and good friends, instead of fighting against the weather.

So enjoy those blankets, hot chocolate, and Netflix marathons on your own or cook meals with friends and family — it’s all about creating a feeling of warmth and gratitude as the snow flies and the temperatures rise and fall.  Since companionship is part of the Hygge philosophy, be sure to sign up for a WF event – there’s always one coming up – it’s a great opportunity to share time and find comfort with friends

Denmark is ranked the happiest country in the world, so maybe a little Hygge in Canada might help us achieve a greater degree of contentment, especially in the winter months. Check out the Hygge video for more info.


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