A Little of This & That

Now that Christmas day is done for another year, perhaps you can find some time to put your feet up, wrap up in a cosy warm blanket and read a few articles we found that we thought you might be interested in reviewing.

Dorothy found this Facebook posting from Carole Brody Fleet and thought it represented what we think Widowed Friends is all about.  We’d love to know your thoughts – do you agree, do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments section.

Wherever you are, it’s ok by Kelly Lynn of Soaring Spirits.  She talks a bit about getting through the holidays in whatever way works best for you, and that life and attitudes improve with time. Take a read and let us know if you agree with her!

Have you wondered about the outcome of the Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive?  Many of you attended the Halton Dance Party event in early December where funds were raised for the toy drive.  Here’s an article from Inside Halton reporting that 3800 children and youth received gifts as a result of the toy drive. This article from Snap’d has some great pics of our members at the dance.  Thanks for your support!

Thinking about resolutions for 2018?  Here’s some advice as illustrated by cats:




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