The Bittersweet Season of Joy & Cheer

It’s December, that time of year when it feels like the whole world is celebrating the holiday season. But, for many people, the Christmas season is bittersweet – wonderful celebrations, lights and get-togethers with family and friends, but also sadness for the loss of a special person who won’t be part of the festivities this year.

We know many of our members may be feeling a bit low during this month, so we’ll be posting some messages of hope and encouragement throughout December, especially for anyone finding the holidays difficult.  Please let us know if you have thoughts or quotes you’d like to share to support someone else who may be finding the holiday season especially hard.  Just add your thoughts to the comments section or email us with your contribution.

Here’s #1:

One Reply to “The Bittersweet Season of Joy & Cheer”

  1. Dear friends,

    Behind my smile is a hurting heart,behind my laugh I am falling apart.
    Behind my smile is tears at night.
    Grief I have learned is really just love ,all the love you want to give but cannot,love with no place to go….
    I promise to find HOPE,to find JOY trough sadness ,to find strenght .
    I aspire to be that widow that my husband would be proud of…..still.

    I am happy to be with nice people like you all, to have a Happy Christmas ,and a good Happy New Year 2018.

    Your friend Gabriela

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