Summer Reading & Watching

As you sit on your deck or balcony or in some lovely shaded backyard, it’s nice to have some good reading material to pass the time.

We have found a few articles we thought might be of interest to you, that aren’t exactly relaxing, but might be informative.

We often get asked about scams and viruses when we use our electronic devices.  There seems to be an endless variety of approaches the bad guys try to gain access to personal info.  This article from Forbes is focused on helping adult children prepare their aging parents against some of the scams out there and of course this is an American take on the issue, but we face similar issues in Canada and there are some good tips here that we can all put into practice.

Another good read is the website Second Firsts by Christina Rasmussen.  Her latest blog post is entitled I Used to Compare My Old Life With My New One  – maybe a topic that will resonate with you.

And as long as we’re talking about grief and loss, Option B’s website has a good article by Rachel Roth about the profound wisdom and harsh realities of loss.

On a lighter note….here’s psychologist Shawn Achor discussing how to find happiness (he talks fast!).  What are you reading this summer – let us know in the comments section.


One Reply to “Summer Reading & Watching”

  1. Lesley, thank you for taking the time to find and post these helpful articles. Resilience is not something I understand intuitively. Only by reading , or listening, to others sharing their hard won wisdom does the process of gaining insights that lead to greater resiliency become clearer to me. Bouncing back to happiness? Not so much. Feeling gratitude for happy times in the day, for the people and events that contribute to those times: these are signs to me of growing resiliency and moving toward acceptance of a lost past as well as trust that I will enjoy plenty of good times with friends and family in the future. Your postings are very helpful Lesley. Many kudos to you for doing that. Anna M.


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