Great Volunteering Opportunity for Widowed Friends of Halton

Did you know that 40,000 client visits are supported by food banks and community outreach depots in Halton every month? That’s a huge number of individuals and families to feed with limited resources, staffing and funding, but is the challenge met monthly by Food For Life.

food4lifeFood for Life is a local food based charity that sources and distributes fresh and nutritious food to those in need and is the largest food redistribution network in Halton. It provides food for more than 200,000 meals per month – the equivalent to 2.5 million meals annually. As a charity that serves other charities, it supports more than 80 food banks and community food programs.

We learned about Food For Life through Dorothy and Stephanie’s other project – Halton Dance Party.  Along with providing great music and a fun evening of dancing, Halton Dance Party sponsors a different Halton charity at each event. Over the past few months, funds have been raised for Carpenter Hospice, the Oakville Firefighters Toy Drive, and last month for Food For Life.  

Dorothy & Steph present cheque to Brenda Hadju
Dorothy & Steph present cheque to Brenda Hadju

On behalf of all the attendees at the January dance, Steph and Dorothy were pleased to provide a donation of $820 to Brenda Hadju, Executive Director of Food For Life.  This donation will provide the equivalent of 2460 meals – an amazing, rewarding outcome from one Saturday evening dance.

While visiting with Brenda, we went on a tour of the small warehouse that is the hub for receiving and distributing food throughout the Halton community.  It is a hive of activity filled to the brim with boxes of fresh produce, meat and dairy and trucks driving up to the door to pick up food for distribution.  Food for Life is unique as it focuses on redistributing fresh, nutritious food as opposed to canned and packaged foods that food banks tr20170116_124030aditionally provide.  As a result, families and individuals who might not be able to afford fresh vegetables, fruit and meat in a store have access to healthy foods to feed their families.  


20170116_124133Food For Life has a large volunteer base helping to collect and distribute food daily.  A key role in the process is helping sort donated food boxes at the warehouse to prepare them for the distribution teams.  

This is a great opportunity for a Widowed Friends team! Just 3 hours of a volunteer’s time once a month can help out hundreds of local families in our community.  If you’d like to be part of a WFH team, watch for more details on Meetup, then join the team!  We are hoping to confirm our first volunteering session in March to continue monthly.  No special skills are required and no heavy lifting is needed. 

To find out more about Food For Life, check out its website or read the report about the organization from Charity Intelligence, a charity rating agency that named Food For Life one of the Top Ten Charities in 2016, based on impact per dollar donated.

One Reply to “Great Volunteering Opportunity for Widowed Friends of Halton”

  1. So glad to part of the Food for Life and to see their operation.
    Looking forward to vilunteering in March with my fellow WF members…😄


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