Stephanie and Dorothy Go To Camp!


Stephanie and Dorothy are always looking for new ways to enhance and develop the WFH community, so when an opportunity came up to attend Camp Widow in Toronto, they leapt at the chance to participate.

Dorothy with Soaring Spirits founder Michelle Neff Hernandez and staff member

The Camp Widow conference is an annual event in Toronto and other US locations, providing widows and widowers with an opportunity to meet others working through the same life events, attend a variety of workshops and seminars and take part in a gala evening.

The WFH attendees in Toronto included Stephanie, Dorothy, Shirley K and Lesley and we were delighted to run into Lucy from WFH, who was attending as well.  We all visited different workshops and networked with organizers and other attendees and came away with lots of new ideas and partnership opportunities.

Attendees at the event came from across Canada as well as the US and there was even a visitor who travelled all the way from Australia.

Camp Widow is part of the Soaring Spirits international organization that creates and maintains, innovative peer-based grief support programs for widowed men and women and serves a worldwide population.

Cocktail Hour
Cocktail Hour

The gala evening event with the theme “Hope Matters” included a lovely dinner followed by dancing.

Paper lanterns with messages of hope
Paper lanterns with messages of hope

A heart-warming tradition of the event included everyone writing down their favourite encouraging or comforting words, then placing them individually in paper lanterns that were then hung from the ceiling over the dance floor.

Camp Widow is due to return to Toronto next year, so we’ll keep following their activities and let you know when and where the conference will be held in 2017.


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