What’s Your Favourite Recipe?

Cooking for one, or two, or more?

Do you have a traditional family recipe or an easy to prepare meal for one that you’d like to share with the group?

As part of our fund-raising initiatives, we are putting together a book of Widowed Friends of Halton’s favourite recipes.  We’d like to include your advice for cooking for one, or for families and friends, as well as your favourite tips, thoughts and reflections.

We would love to have you participate! Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Pick a recipe (or two or three!) that you have enjoyed and you think others might enjoy as well. As we are
    just beginning to gather recipes, please feel free to submit any kind from appetizers to desserts!
  2. Do you have words of advice for the novice cook (those of us who have never had to cook for oursuntitled-design-9elves before) or for the chef, working on a big dinner for families or friends? Please add your wisdom so we can share with the community.
  3. Type it up, take a picture or write it down and submit to widowedfriendsofhalton@gmail.com or give to Dorothy or Stephanie or Lesley.   Please include any directions that you think would be helpful to someone cooking the recipe for the first time.

We’ll start to assemble the book, which we hope you’ll find interesting and helpful, and perhaps will purchase for yourself and for friends and family. Happy Cooking!





One Reply to “What’s Your Favourite Recipe?”

  1. I live this idea..as I love that it gets the inner foodie in me cooking


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