5 Positive Outcomes of Loss

There are tons of unhappy outcomes from loss that we all know too well, but can you think of anything positive you’ve learned or experienced since the loss of your spouse?

Here are a few thoughts about some positive outcomes. Use the comment box to let us know if you have others to add to the list.

  1. Greater empathy for others experiencing all kinds of loss.
  2. Independence! Check out Carol Brody Fleet’s article on Celebrating Your Independence
  3. All the old “rules” no longer apply. Check out another article from Carol Widowhood Rules: What’s Really Ok To Do After Widowhood
  4. There is more time to reflect on life and re-evaluate how you want to live going forwards
  5. There is time to express gratitude to those who supported you during your loss, and who continue to support you on your life journey.

What other positive experiences have you had?  Let us know by adding your thoughts in the comments box.

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