The Hidden Benefits of Widowed Friends of Halton (WFH) Membership

We all know how nice it is to get together with friends and new acquaintances at various Widowed Friends of Halton events, but what we might not realize is all the hidden advantages being a member of the group provides.

Did you know that one of the biggest factors in your overall health is how connected you are to your community? Of course this includes family and friends, but being a part of a larger empathetic community like WFH also provides both support and diversion that is helpful when rebuilding our lives.

One theory scientists are researching is that community connections help trigger the release of stress-reducing hormones, which if left unchecked can adversely affect coronary arteries, insulin regulation, and the immune system.  Interestingly, evidence suggests that the life-enhancing effects of social support extend to the giver as well as to the receiver so all those warm chats, well wishes and hugs at each WFH event are good for all of us!

Here are a couple of articles we’ve found that provide some more detail. Just click on the links to read each article.

What has your experience been?  Have you seen benefits from being a member of WFH?  Share your experiences by entering your thoughts in the Comment box.



3 Replies to “The Hidden Benefits of Widowed Friends of Halton (WFH) Membership”

  1. Being part of WFH has been a most rewarding experience for me. You said it all when you said “the warm chats, well wishes and hugs at each event are good for everyone”. They, without doubt, have been good for me.

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  2. One of the best books I have read as an aid on this journey is called:”How to survive the loss of a love; 58 things to do when there is nothing to be done.” by Harold Bloomfield, Melba Colgrove and Peter McWilliams. As a pastor I have often referred to this book when counselling those in grief.
    Marion S.

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  3. Glad you found that helpful!
    Another book which I have found useful is “Surviving & Thriving Solo” by Frances Frommer of Mississauga. It’s a paperback that came out in 2009 Frances is quite a character with a good sense of humour!
    Marion S.

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