Here’s a favourite from Dorothy

Sometimes we run across messages that just seem to fit… Dorothy thought this blog post from One Fit Widow really nailed important thoughts we should all remember. Take a look and let us know if you agree with Dorothy (in the comments box at the side or bottom of the blog post)

“Let’s get serious for a few minutes….

When I started this page in 2012, my favorite thing to say was #noexcuses #noregrets. I love that saying NOT because I expect everyone to be hardcore and never make excuses in life but more because I lived with excuses for so many years and the effort it took to live with my regret was far worse than the actual work just to change my life ever was.

I’ve also watched people in my life make excuses for forty plus years and NEVER do the work to move forward and create a happy life, and that leads to a hell of a lot of regrets, let’s face it.

So here is the deal.

Atrocious crap happens to everyone in this life. If I’m honest, my widowhood doesn’t even tell you half of my story. Every single person who follows this page has some pain, some regrets and probably a TON OF EXCUSES.

So what makes some people turn that pain into something more? What makes some people take their pain and use it as a catalyst to finally live the life they want to live?

Why do some people fade away and become bitter, angry and full of regret?

Honestly, ask yourself where you want to be in a week, a month, six months or a year?

What’s stopping you?

Yes, bad stuff happens and will happen but will your excuses change that? Will living less help you live more ever?

Right now you can make a choice and dig deep to make it happen, or you can simply get back on the hamster wheel tomorrow and live with regret for another day.

You’ve got all the power in the world to become that person who is using life as the ultimate catalyst.

Only you define you.”

With our appreciation to author Michelle Steinke Baumgard

4 Replies to “Here’s a favourite from Dorothy”

  1. I try every day to make life happy for the people around me – thus making myself happy. This is EVERY day!
    When my husband died I told my family…I will not sink – I will swim. I absolutely will not sink! MOLLY

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  2. Be happy… not because everything is good… but because you can see the good in everything.

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  3. take life a day at a time knowing that at the end of the day you will look back at that day and have no regrets. If you do make some changes and try again.You have to get rid of having regrets at end of a day.

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