First Year Anniversary Congratulations

Congratulations to Stephanie and Dorothy for a great first year anniversary celebration.

With a sold out crowd, great food, an energetic singing DJ and a large array of raffle gifts, members renewed friendships, shared experiences, tried out their dance steps and had fun.

To show their appreciation for all of Stephanie and Dorothy’s hard work building and developing the Widowed Friends community, members organized a thank you presentation. Representing the community, Bob presented Steph and Dorothy with gifts as well as some lovely flowers from Sharples Garden Gallery, courtesy of member Melody Sharples.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and and remininscences about the past year and last night’s celebrations too! To add a comment, just scroll down to the comments section below.

We’ll add more pictures soon, so check back often to see more. If you’d like to review the pictures from the past year, here’s the slideshow that was running through the evening

Looking forward to a great year two!!



One Reply to “First Year Anniversary Congratulations”

  1. Wowsa wowsa wowsa.
    What a fantastic evening ..seeing everybody’s faces… .they literally light up the room.
    we will have picture soon for all to see and char about the memories of a great celebration for WF of Halton.


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