From little seeds…a mighty community is growing


In less than a year Widowed Friends of Halton has grown from an idea to a reality.

Starting with a Sunday cocktail event in May 2015, with just 25 attendees, our membership has continued to grow to over 140 members, with more joining monthly from Halton, Peel, Hamilton and Brant counties.

As a recent widow, I sometimes found myself at loose ends on weekends, a particularly difficult time for people who have lost their spouse, and wondered if there were others in the widowed/widower community also feeling the same way.  What could be done to connect people together so we could all benefit from understanding friendships and social support?

After a lot of research and discussion, the Widowed Friends of Halton community was created.

From the start, the focus was on developing weekly events, so members always had something to look forward to and new members had an opportunity to interact with the growing community. As a result the calendar is full of group get togethers that members can join and enjoy on a weekly basis.

With so much planning and developing to get the group off the ground, it was a great help when Dorothy joined the group and offered to partner in all the organizing and event creation.

So ten months in, the group has weekly events to attend, familiar faces to greet at each event and fun things to do as they continue on their life’s  journey.

We have great ideas and plans for the future.  You can find out about them by reading this blog, joining our Facebook page and keeping track of events on Meetup.  Remember that the Meetup and Facebook groups are private, so you must join them online by completing a request to join form.

We’d love to have your comments and thoughts about the group, so please feel free to comment below.  See you at the next event!

Stephanie & Dorothy


2 Replies to “From little seeds…a mighty community is growing”

  1. This is the most incredible association created. The widow and widowers group take you by the hand when you are at your worst time in your life and it gives you hope for the future. Dorothy and Stephanie have hearts of gold. They are so warm and welcoming that you can,t help but continue with the association. I strongly recommend this group to anyone who has lost a loved one to give them courage, companionship , and the intuition to move on with there life.

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  2. I have enjoyed the group a great deal. Have encouraged friends in my situation to come a see what it is all about. Now they have joined and seem to be enjoying the friendship of the group. It is a very safe environment to be in. A variety of events allows you to be as busy or as laid back as you wish.

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