Widowed Friends Of Halton Celebrates First Year Success with Dinner and Dance – SOLD OUT!

Hooray!  Our first year anniversary is approaching and we wanted to tell the world. We put together this press release to publicize our group and our anniversary event so those who are interested in our community can learn more about us.

If you know of any media outlets or have contacts in the bereavement community that you think should receive the news release, please let us know and we’ll send them a copy.

Oakville, Ontario: Widowed Friends of Halton is pleased to announce a dinner & dance, celebrating the organization’s first year anniversary on May 15 2016 at the Quality Suites Hotel in Oakville.

Widowed Friends of Halton is a unique, social group, focused on those who have lost spouses and want to connect with others who share the same experience. It provides a venue to meet others, socialize, support each other and make new friends.

“Although we are dedicated to the widow/widower community, we are not a grief support group, but a social community for members who share a common experience” says Stephanie Etherington, Founder. “We focus on helping our members reconnect to the world after loss, providing a wide range of weekly social events so members can join together to enjoy each other’s company and have fun.”

The first event in May 2015 was just a handful of members. Since then, the group has hosted 120 different events and membership has continued to grow to 140 members with more joining each month from Halton, Peel, Hamilton and Brant counties.

Dorothy Towey who partnered with Stephanie Etherington in August 2015 as Co-Organizer, says “ We’re thrilled that Stephanie’s vision has helped our members reconnect to the world, enriching each other`s lives through shared experiences, and moving forward together. We are looking forward to next year as we continue to grow and expand our services and support to the widowed communities across the region.”

“What makes this group unique” says Peter Perkovic, one of the groups early organizing members, “Is that there is no emphasis on grief or loss. We are just a large and growing group of friends who meet frequently to share fun experiences from wine tasting to bowling to group dinners in restaurants throughout Halton. Stephanie and Dorothy have worked tirelessly to develop interesting events, expertly facilitating diverse groups and helping members on their path to recovery. ”

For more information or to become a member, please contact us at widowedfriendsofhalton@gmail.com or blog address.





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